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121. Geographic Names: San Francisco Bay Area, California, 2006

Point Stanford University Public content
2006. Bay Area Open Space Council, Conservation Lands Network, San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals Project, and GreenInfo Network (Firm). This point shapefile depicts physical and cultural geographic features of all types, not including roads and highways, within the nine county San F... Bay Area Open Space Council.

122. LandScan 2006 Global Population Database

Raster New York University Restricted content
2006. This raster dataset contains population counts at 30 arc second resolution (1 km. or finer) for 2006. LandScan integrates daytime movements and col... Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

123. LandScan 2006 Global Population Database

Raster Stanford University Restricted content
2006. Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The LandScan 2006 global population dataset is a worldwide population database compiled on a 30" X 30" latitude/longitude grid. Census counts (at s... Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

124. Municipal Boundaries [Incorporated Places [Illinois]

Polygon University of Illinois Public content
2006. US Census and Illinois State Geological Survey. Municipalities in Illinois with more than 250 people. Incorporated areas for all of Illinois. Attributes include the name, FIPS place ID, name and ...

125. Political Districts and Boundaries [Illinois] (2006-2007)

Polygon University of Illinois Public content
2006. Illinois State Geological Survey. State House of Representative Districts in Illinois, State Senate Districts in Illinois, and Illinois Federal Congressional Districts, 2006 and 200...
2006. United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States. Department of Commerce, United States. National Ocean Service, and Coastal Services Center (U.S.). This polygon shapefile contains time series data for the coastal regions of the Northeastern United States in 2006. This data product was created b... Coastal Services Center (U.S.).

127. World Census IPC Demographics : ESRI Data & Maps 2008

Polygon Harvard University Restricted content
2006. United States. Bureau of the Census, Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.), and Harvard Geospatial Library. This polygon layer joins the ESRI World Census IPC Demographics attribute table to the ESRI Data & Maps 2008 : World Countries datalayer, to enable... ESRI.