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2007. Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informatica (INEI). This polygon shapefile represents basic population characteristics for districts in Peru, collected as part of Peru's Censos Nacionales 2007 by the... East View Cartographic, Inc.

25. National Census Municipality-Level GeoDatabase for El Salvador, 2007

Polygon New York University Restricted content
2007. Dirección General de Estadística y Censos. This geodatabase contains basic population characteristics for municipalities in El Salvador, collected as part of the Censos Nacionales 2007 by th... East View Cartographic, Inc.

30. Population Statistics: Age and Age Groups, Peru, 2007

Polygon Stanford University Restricted content
2007. East View Cartographic, Inc and Instituto Nacional de Estadística (Peru). This polygon shapefile contains statistics on age (years) and age groups in Peru taken from the Censos Nacionales 2007: XI de Poblacion y VI de Viv... East View Cartographic, Inc.