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41. State Boundaries of India, 1991

Polygon Stanford University Restricted content
1991. ML InfoMap (Firm). This layer is a polygon theme representing state boundaries of India for 1991 and includes socio-demographic Census attribute data such as total po... ML InfoMap (Firm).

44. United States Income and Employment 1991-1992

Polygon Columbia University Public content
1991. National Atlas of the United States. This map layer portrays 1991 and 1992 estimates for total personal income, per capita personal income, annual number of full-time and part-time job... National Atlas of the United States.

48. VillageMap India 1991

Collection Stanford University Public content
1991. ML InfoMap (Firm). This collection contains vector shapefiles representing village points and/or boundaries in India. Data attributes include demographic & socio-...

49. 1990 Census Roads - San Francisco Bay Area, California

Line Stanford University Public content
1990. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission. This line shapefile contains primary and secondary roads for the San Francosco Bay Area in California. Primary roads are generally divided, limited... California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

50. 1990 County Boundaries of China with Population Census Data, Part 1

Polygon New York University Restricted content
1990. This polygon shapefile represents the 1990 County Boundaries for China. The layer includes population census data and was primarily based on the "T... Beijing Hua tong ren shi chang xin xi you xian ze ren gong si.