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1. Historical United States County Boundaries, 1870

Polygon Stanford University Restricted content
1870. Earle, Carville, Heppen, John, Otterstrom, Samuel, Cao, Changyong, and Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.). Department of Geography and Anthropology. This polygon shapefile contains county boundaries for the United States in 1870. Attributes include county and state names as well as FIPS identifi... Geoscience Publications.

2. Hypsometric sketch of the United States

The Ohio State University Public content
1870. Guyot, A. 1807-1884. Scale not given|Relief shown by hachures and gradient tints.|"Printed for the Report on the vital statistics of the United States, Ninth Census 187... United States Census Office ; G.P.O.?.

3. Census Places, Arizona, 1870

Polygon The University of Arizona Public content
1870. University of Arizona. Library. Statewide coverage of 1870 Places based on population data available from the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Population data is from the Statistics of ... University of Arizona.