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1. 1992 Election Precincts

Polygon University of California, Berkeley Public content
2003. Department of Elections. Department of Elections Precincts for 1992 - 2003. San Francisco (Calif.). Department Of Telecommunications and Information Services.

6. 2003 New York City Real Estate Sales

Point Baruch College Public content
2003. GIS Lab, Newman Library, Baruch CUNY. This point layer was created from Detailed Annual Sales Reports by Borough published by New York City Department of Finance. It represents location... Newman Library (Bernard M. Baruch College).

9. 50-Meter Topographic Contours: Kabul, Afghanistan, 2003-2005

Line Stanford University Restricted content
2003. International Security Assistance Force (Afghanistan). This line shapefile contains topographic contours for Kabul, Afghanistan at 50-meter intervals. This layer was mapped by the International Securiit... Afghanistan Information Management Service.

10. Agricultural Minerals Operations

Point Stanford University Public content
2003. Geological Survey (U.S.). This point shapefile represents locations of agricultural minerals operations in the United States. The data represent commodities covered by the M... National Atlas of the United States.