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1755. Evans, Lewis, 1700?-1756. Eighteenth century map showing the mid atlantic British colonies. Scale approximately 1:2,250,000; 1 map: hand colored; 49 x 67 cm Northeastern Sta...
1750. Research Data Services (RDS), Columbia University Libraries and Bowen, Emanuel, d. 1767. This is a scanned version of the 1750 paper map entitled: A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of the Great Mogul : Tgether With India on Both Side...

17. A new and exact mapp of Scotland or North Britain, 1745 (Raster Image)

Raster Harvard University Public content
1745. Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library, Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667, Overton, Henry, 1675 or 1676-1751, and Nicholls, Sutton. This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the historic paper map entitled: A new and exact mapp of Scotland or North Britain. It was published ... Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library.