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1. A new and accurate map of Africa

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1794. Harrison, William, ca. 1750-1803 and Harrison, W., Junr. Scale for inset [1:570,240]. Scale in leagues [1 cm = 3 leagues]. Inset map: "A correct chart of the rivers Sierra Leone and Sherbro". Rt. Wilkinson.

4. A map of Spain & Portugal

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1794. Engraved by T. Conder. Publication date precedes publisher's name, dated: Janry. 1794. Scale graph: "British statute miles." Pictorial relief. London : Published ... by R. Wilkinson, No. 53, Cornhill, 1794.
1794. Schneider und Weigel. Appears in: Atlas der Georgraphie von der bekannten ganzen welt (1794-1805) Color index identifies countries holding power in Africa, however histo...
1794. Bolton, (S.) Mr and Laurie & Whittle. by S. Boulton ; published by Laurie & Whittle. Relief shown pictorially. Includes decorative cartouche, ill., text and inset maps "A particular... Laurie & Whittle.
1794. Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720. The map, which features a strange interpretation of the continent of Africa, includes several mythical features including a second island of St. He... Chez l’Auteur dans l’Isle du Palais sur le Quay de l’Orloge a la Sphere Royale.

12. Le provincie di Quito, Lima, e Plata

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1794. Zatta, Antonio, active 1757-1797. Map of Ecuador, Peru, Chile and part of Argentina; relief shown pictorially. From: Atlante novissimo. Venezia [Venice] : Presso Antonio Zatta, 1779... Venezia : Presso Antonio Zatta e figli, 1794.

13. Napoli e suoi dintorni

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1794. Rizzi-Zannoni, Giovanni Antonio, 1736-1814. Relief shown by hachures. In upper margin: No. 14. Title from cover. Shows sites of ancient ruins. Originally issued folded in covers 14 x 9 cm. [Naples : s.n., 1794].

14. Palæstina

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1794. Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782 and Laurie & Whittle. by Mons. d'Anville in June MDCCLXVII. Relief shown pictorially. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich ... Laurie & Whittle,.

15. Plan of the bay and harbour of Rio-Janeiro on the coast of Brazil

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1794. Après de Mannevillette, Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Denis d', 1707-1780. Relief shown pictorially and by soundings. Insets: Appearance of the land about the entrance of Rio Janeiro / by Jo. Watson, on board the Royal Cap... London : Published ... by Laurie & Whittle, 53, Fleet Street, 12th. May 1794.

16. Plano del Puerto de Sta. Elena en la Costa Patagonica

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1794. Vazq. z, Bart. e (Bartholomé Vázquez), 1749-1802. trabajado Abordo de las Corvetas descubierta, y atrevida de la Marina Real año de 1794 ; B. Vasqz. la grabó. Relief shown pictorially and depths by... Spain. Dirección de Hidrografía].