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10101. Karte von Palaestina

Image Stanford University Public content
1800. Raumer, Karl von, 1783-1865, Stülpnagel, F. von, and Justus Perthes (Firm : Gotha, Germany). von K. v. Raumer ; Gez. v. F. v. Stülpnagel u. Hrm. Berghaus. Relief shown by hachures and shading. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Prime merid... Justus Perthes.

10102. Karte von Palästina

Image Princeton University Public content
1866. Velde, Charles William Meredith van de, 1818-1898. "Nach der zweiten Auflage der 'Map of the Holy Land'." Relief shown by gradient tints, hachures, and soundings. Insets: Karte der Umgegend von Jeru... Gotha : Justus Perthes, 1866.

10103. Karte von Sibirien und den benachbarten Lændern

Image Stanford University Public content
1700. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772 and Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb, 1744-1774. Covers Siberia, Russian Far East, European Russia, with precise depictions of Siberia's rivers Ob, Lena, Enisei and Angara, along with Lake Baikal,... [Hrn Bellin?],.

10104. Karte von Syrien : den Manen Jacotin's und Burckhardt's gewidmet

Image Princeton University Public content
1835. Berghaus, Heinrich Karl Wilhelm, 1797-1884. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Includes 11 small views of places in Palestine and 2 in Lebanon. Two inset maps of Syria and A... Gotha : Justus Perthes, 1835.

10105. Karte von Tschili und Schantung

Image Princeton University Public content
1907. Prussia (Germany). Landesaufnahme. Kartogr. Abteilung. Relief shown by shading. In German and Chinese characters. Covers all of Shangtung Province and southern Chihli Province. [Berlin] : Kartogr. Abteilung der Kgl. Preuss. Landesaufnahme, 1907.

10106. Karte zum Krieg gegen Großbritannien =

Image Stanford University Public content
1920. Reklame Atelier Basel, Meister, K, and Cratander A.G. Druck und Verlag Cratander A.G. Basel. Zeichnung ,,RAB" Reklame Atelier Basel (K. Meister). Shows borders, major waterways and cities, distances (i... Cratander A.G.

10108. Karten-Skizze der Jüdischen Colonien in Palaestina

Image Stanford University Public content
1900. Trietsch, Davis, 1870-1935 and Welt-Verlag. aus Davis Trietsch, Palästina-Handbuch, 1919. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Bar scale on map g... Welt-Verlag,.

10109. Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, Honshu, Japan. A.M.S. L902

Image Princeton University Public content
1945. AMS 1 Alternate title: Kashiwazaki. Polyconic projection. Names transcribed according to modified Hepburn (Romaji) system. Relief shown by 10 meter... Washington, D.C. : Army Map Service, U.S. Army, 1945.

10110. Kathmandu City, 1:10.000

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1978. Technische Universität München. Lehrstuhl für Kartographie und Reproduktionstechnik. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Panel title. "Map is based on the Kathmandu Valley map 1:10,000 of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für vergleic... Munich : Arbeitsgemeinschaft für vergleichende Hochgebirgsforschung, 1979.