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111. Ville de Dakar : plan 1:10 000

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1983. Institut géographique national (France). Relief shown by hachures. Includes indexes to streets, principal buildings, peripheral wards, and location map. Ancillary map: Île de Gorée. Paris : Institut géographique national, 1983.

112. Washington, D.C., and vicinity, 1:100 000-scale satellite image map

Image Princeton University Public content
1982. Geological Survey (U.S.). Satellite photomap. Panel title UTM grid. Includes notes on wavelength used, ancillary photomap of Washington region, and location diagram. "38077-... Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey, 1982.

113. West Africa

Image Stanford University Public content
1983. United States Central Intelligence Agency. Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Includes comparative area map. West Africa gazetteer on verso. "505000 (A000340) 12-83.". Central Intelligence Agency].

114. West Africa, 1983

Image Princeton University Public content
1983. Central Intelligence Agency. This is a map of West Africa, shown at a 1:3,000,000 scale. The map was created by the Central Intelligence Agency. Central Intelligence Agency.

115. Wuhan

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1982. Di tu chu ban she and 地图出版社. Relief shown pictorially. Inset: Guiyuan Temple. Selected buildings are shown pictorially. Text and table of temperature on verso. Business Distric... Beijing, China : Cartographic Publishing House : Distributed by China Publications Centre, 1982.