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1. California, Pennsylvania, 1913

Maps Penn State University Public content
1913. Sanborn Map Company. California, Washington County, Pennsylvania, March 1913. 1 map on 11 sheets : col. ; sheets each 65 x 54 cm. Scale approximately 1:600. 50 ft. to ... Sanborn Map Company.

2. California, Pennsylvania, 1927

Maps Penn State University Public content
1927. Sanborn Map Company. California, including East Pike Run Township and Coal Centre, Washington Co., Pennsylvania, Feby. 1927. 1 map on 12 sheets : color ; sheets each 65... Sanborn Map Company.

3. California Place Names 2003

Polygon University of California, Berkeley Public content
2003. MTC. California city, town, and place boundaries. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

5. California PUMA Boundaries with County Codes 2003

Polygon University of California, Berkeley Public content
2003. MTC. State of California Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMA) with county codes. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

7. California Regional Transportation Planning Agencies, 2013

Polygon Stanford University Public content
California. Department of Transportation. This polygon shapefile contains the boundaries of California Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA) as of February, 2014. These data were... California. Department of Transportation.

8. California, Sacramento Valley

Maps University of Minnesota Public content
1904. Geological Survey (U.S.). Relief shown by contours and spot heights.; "Datum is mean sea level." sheets 69 x 110 centimeters or smaller Scale 1:31,680 General Map Collection. The Survey (Washington, D.C).

10. California Seafloor Mapping Project

Collections Stanford University Public content
The California Seafloor Mapping Project (CSMP) is a collaborative, multi-institutional campaign creating the first comprehensive, high-resolution b... Seafloor Mapping Lab.