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1851. The world, on Mercator's projection

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1854. Adam and Charles Black (Firm). World map with distances by sea from England to various points; relief shown pictorially. In margin: II. Plate II from: General atlas of the world ... Edinburgh : Published by A. & C. Black, [1854].

1852. The world showing its great river systems

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1856. Cornell, S. S. (Sarah S.). Double hemispherical world map with charts showing mountains and rivers of each continent. On verso: The world showing the diversities of the land ... New York : D. Appelton & Co. ... , c1856.
1853. Bridges, William, -1814. Relief shown by hachures. "Reduced to 1/2 scale and lith. by G. Hayward for D.T. Valentine's manual, 1853." Oriented with north toward upper right ... [New York : Common Council, 1853] ([New York] : G. Hayward).
1857. Hills, John, active 1777-1819 and Hills, John (Surveyor). Relief shown by hachures. Facsimile. "Copy of the original map presented by John Lozier, Esqr. to the Corporation of New York." "Lith. for D.T. Val... [New York : New York Common Council, 1857] (N[ew] Y[ork] : G. Hayward).
1854. Ratzer, Bernard. Shows ward boundaries, streets, buildings, and names of some property owners. Covers lower Manhattan. Relief shown by hachures. Facsimile. "Survey'... [New York : Common Council, 1854] (New York : Lith. G. Hayward).

1860. Tracks of H.M. vessels in search of the Eight Stones

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1842. Great Britain. Hydrographic Office. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. "1763." A survey by vessels ordered by the Admiralty to locate rocks in the Atlantic north of Madeira wh... [London : Hydrographic Office, 1842?].