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12. La Grecia antica divisa ne' suoi stati

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1799. Cassini, Gio. Ma. (Giovanni Maria), 1745-approximately 1824. Relief shown pictorially. From: Nuovo atlante geographico universale delineato sulle ultime osservazioni / Giovanni Maria Cassini. Rome: Presso la ... In Roma : Presso la Calcografia Camerale, 1799.
1798. López de Vargas Machuca, Tomás, 1731-1802. Relief shown pictorially. "Se hallará este, con todas las obras del autor, y las de sus hijos, en Madrid, calle de Atocha, frente la casa de los G... Madrid : [Tomás López], 1798.

15. New York

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1799. Sotzmann, D. F. Relief shown by hachures. At upper right: "No. VII." Below neat line: "zu Ebelings Erdbeschreibung von Amerika." Intended for publication as part o... Hamburg : Carl Ernst Bohn, 1799.
1798. La Pérouse, Jean-François de Galaup, comte de, 1741-1788. Relief shown by hachures; depths shown by soundings. In upper margin: No. 44. From: A voyage round the world, performed in the years 1785, 1786, 17... London : Published as the Act directs ... by G.G. & J. Robinson, Paternoster Row, Novemr. 1, 1798.

17. Wallis's plan of the cities of London and Westminster, 1799

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1799. Wallis, John. Relief shown pictorially. "Augst. 1st. 1799." In lower right hand corner: New hackney-coach fares, which commenced Augt. 1st. 1798 ... London : J. Wallis, N. 16 Ludgate Street, 1799.