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2062. Pas-caart van Zuyd-Zee, tusschen California en ilhas de Ladrones

Image Stanford University Public content
1669. Doncker, Hendrik I, 1626-1699. ... Hendrick Doncker Boekverkooper en Graadboogh maker inde Nieubrughsteegh in’t Stuurmans Gereetshap. Sea chart of the Pacific, with East at the t... By Hendrick Doncker.

2064. Pascaarte van Nieu Nederlandt

Image Princeton University Public content
1658. Colom, Arnold, 1624-1668. Relief shown by soundings. State 3 with date removed from title and page number 16 at lower right. Shows coast from Boston to North Carolina. Amsterdam : Arnold Colom, opt water by de nieuwe brugh in de Lichtende Colom, [ca. 1658].

2067. Pascaarte van't Zuijderdeel vande Belt

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1644. Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673. Scale in graph form. Miles shown in German, English, French and Spanish. Joan Blaeu.

2069. Pascaert vande Caribes Eylanden

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1666. Goos, Pieter, approximately 1616-1675 and Goos, Pieter, ca. 1616-1675. Depths shown by soundings. North oriented towards right. From: De zee-atlas ofte water-wereld / Pieter Goos. Amsterdam: Pieter Goos, 1666. Gedruckt t'Amsterdam : by Pieter Goos, [1666].