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231. Prussia

Image Princeton University Public content
1795. Anderson, H. (Hugh), 1782-1866. Map of central Germany; relief shown by hachures. Probably issued in: The general atlas for Carey's edition of Guthrie's Geography improved. Philad... [Philadelphia? : Mathew Carey?, between 1795 and 1818].

239. Terra di Canaan ov Terra Promessa ad Abramo, e a suoi posteri

Image Stanford University Public content
1785. Zatta, Antonio, active 1757-1797. presso Antonio Zatta, con privlegio dell'Eccmo Senato. Relief shown pictorially. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Coordinates approximate and ba... Antonio Zatta,.

240. The celebrated city of Jerusalem

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1782. Lodge, John, Millar, George Henry, and Hogg, Alexander, active 1778-1819. Lodge sculp. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Shows topography, settlements, places of historical... [Alexander Hogg].