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291. Worcestershire described by C. Saxton

Image Princeton University Public content
1690. Saxton, Christopher, 1542?-. Relief shown pictorially. Inset: Worcester Citty. Shows hundreds and main roads. From: The shires of England and Wales described by Christopher Sax... [London : Philip Lea, 1690].

292. [World]

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1696. [Don Francisco de Afferden]., Afferden, Don Francisco De, Afferden, Don Francisco de, and Cause, Henri. California with two bays in the north and a large bay to the northeast. Mare Rubrum north of the island and south of Anian. A large lion sits bet...

293. [World and celestial map]

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1699. Lea, Philip, active 1683-1700, Moxon, J. (James), and Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. A stipple-etched celestial sphere alongside a north polar projection of the world, extended to include almost the whole world with the southern mos... Corrected by Philip Lea, and Sold by him at the Atlas and Hercules in Cheapside.

294. [World map]

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1690. Pratt, George, active 1690. California shown as an unlabeled island. Simple cartography with continents labeled. "2" on verso. From Pratt's Manuscript Atlas. publisher not identified].

295. [World map]

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1693. Coronelli, Vincenzo, 1650-1718. Aut: il P. Cosmografo Coronelli ; All Illustriss: S. Franc: Gafparoli, Nobile Fanese. California shown as an unlabeled island with a large, indente... [s.n.].


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1683. Manesson-Mallet, Allain, 1630?-1706?. Includes bibliographical references (p. xv-xvi) and indexes. Small unrolled double hemisphere map draped over a table. California as an island with...
1695. Abraham ben Jacob, active 17th century, Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585, and Wiesel, Moses. [Abraham ben Jacob ; Moses Wiesel ; drawn after Adrichem]. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Shows... [publisher not identified],.