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31. Juba or Dundas Islands on the east coast of Africa

Image Princeton University Public content
1828. Vidal, Alexander Thomas Emeric. Hydrographic chart in 3 sections of coast of Somalia, from 2⁰5' to 0⁰10' s. latitude and 41⁰10' to 42⁰40' s. longitude; relief shown by hachures an... London : Published according to Act of Parliament at the Hydrographical Office of the Admiralty, 18th Feby. 1828.

32. Kazusa no Kuni yochi zenzu (上總國輿地全圖)

Image University of Michigan Public content
1828. Tsukada, Itoku. and Kikuya, Kōzaburō. 1 map : col. ; on sheet 74 x 118 cm., folded in cover 26 x 18 cm.|Printed on 6 sections joined.|Wood block print.|LC copy imperfect: Has worm holes...

33. Lower Egypt

Image Stanford University Public content
1828. Arrowsmith, Samuel, -1839. Drawn by S. Arrowsmith. on lower right side: "34." Multiple text notes describing river, bay and estuary conditions. Samuel Arrowsmith.

37. Sagami no Kuni zenzu (相模國輿地全圖)

Image University of Michigan Public content
1828. 06 Fukuzumi, Gohē. and 06 福住五兵衞. 1 map : color ; on sheet 74 x 97 cm, folded in cover 26 x 18 cm|Wood block print.|Relief shown pictorially.|Includes distance chart, a guide of hot...