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52. Africa

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1736. Aa, Pieter van der (Verleger). door Pieter Vander Aa. Maßstab in graph. Form (Milliaria Germanica Communia, Milliaria Gallica Communia). - Titelkartusche oben rechts, Maßstabskar... Pieter Vander Aa.
1737. Hase, Johann Matthias, 1684-1742. Colored The title consists of a panel surrounded by elephant's tusks resting on a piece of masonry. On the left are four Africans and on th...
1737. Hase, Johann Matthias, 1684-1742 and Homann Erben (Firm). exhibita a Ioh. Matthia Hasio ... impensis Homanniorum Heredum. Relief shown pictorially. "Cum privil. S.C.M. nec non S.R.M. Polon et Elect. Sax. A... In officina Homanniana.


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1720. Weigel, Christoph, 1654-1725. See general notes. [1745], Mare Iesso rather than Mare de Iesso as in State 1. Much of the lettering in the oceans is in bold. Issued in: Atlas por...

60. America

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1729. Clüver, Philipp, 1580-1622. in book: Eptiome Geographiae Cluverianae Nova...Phillippi Cluverii? 1727 In Latin. California as an island with indented northern coast and narrow ...