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1794. Bolton, (S.) Mr and Laurie & Whittle. by S. Boulton ; published by Laurie & Whittle. Relief shown pictorially. Includes decorative cartouche, ill., text and inset maps "A particular... Laurie & Whittle.

55. Afrique

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1780. Bonne, Rigobert and André. dressée par M. Bonne, Ingénieur-Hydrographe de La Marine. André sculp. Ferro meridian: , Paris. - Scale in geographic form (Portuguese Leagues, Fre... [Pellet ?].

56. Afrique

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1782. Bonne, Rigobert, 1727-1794 and André, Gaspard, active 1768-1801. "Arrows in the oceans probably indicate the monsoons because those depicted at the top right are named by months". Top left: Liv. I, III, e...


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1784. Probst, Johann Michael, d. 1809. California with nearly flat northern coast and many coastal place names. TERRA ESONIS INCOGNITA and Fretum Anian to northwest, and Paye de Moozemle...

60. Amerique Septentrionale

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1780. Relief shown pictorially. Text indicates limits of English discoveries in 1778 and site of death of Captain Cook in 1779. Map shows location of Ind... [Paris? : s.n., ca. 1780].