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51. Shanghai xin di tu = The new map of Shanghai

Image Princeton University Public content
1928. [Published by Japanese bookstore of Shanghai]. Inset: "Panorama of Shanghai" = [Sahnghai quan jing]. 上海 : 上海日本堂書店, 昭和3年[1928].

53. Creta, Iouis magni, medio iacet insula ponto

Image Princeton University Public content
1624. Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. Relief shown pictorially. "Priuilegio decennali." Ancillary island maps at top: Corsica -- Insulae Maris Ionii -- Sardinia. From: Abrahami Ortelii ... [ Antwerp : Officina Plantiniana, 1624].

54. Tanganyika Territory

Image Princeton University Public content
1929. Tanganyika. Department of Lands and Mines. Relief shown by hachures. Map shows international, intercolonial, and district boundaries, railways and roads. "T.T. 21.1.24". "P.1075A/806/8.1250.... [ [Dar-es-Salaam] : Land Survey & Mines Department, 1924.

55. Irlandiæ accurata descriptio

Image Stanford University Public content
1612. Boazio, Baptista, Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598, and Vrients, Jan Baptista, 1552-1612. auctore Baptista Boazio. Relief shown pictorially. Oriented with north toward right of sheet. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines along margins. Key... , Ioannes Baptista Vrints, geographicarum tabularum calcographus, excud.

58. Novus XVII. inferioris Germaniæ provinciarum

Image Princeton University Public content
1653. In upper left-hand corner: Leo Belgicus. Pictorial map of the Benelux countries printed in the form of a heraldic "Leo Belgicus" (Belgic Lion). Fro... [ Romae : Apud Hermannum Scheus, 1653].

59. Zuider America

Image Princeton University Public content
1705. Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667. Relief shown pictorially. Probably issued in: Algemeene weereld-beschryving, nae de rechte verdeeling der landschappen ... Op een gantsch nieuw, ze... [ T'Amsterdam? : François Halma?, 1705?].

60. Albania

Image Princeton University Public content
2018. A map set object. 1879-1989.