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61. Tananarive plan au 1/10,000

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1988. Institut géographique national (France). Annexe à Tananarive. Includes indexes and "Cartouche administratif." Après le fond de la carte au 1:10.000. [Antananarivo] : Institut géographique national, 1968.

62. The Berlin region

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1989. United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Gazetteer on verso. Includes glossary. Shows the territory acquired from and given to the GDR in the 1988 exchange. Berlin boundary, Berlin East-We... [Washington, D.C.] : [Central Intelligence Agency], 1989.

63. The Berlin Region, 1989

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1989. Central Intelligence Agency. This is a map of the Berlin Region. The map was created by the Central Intelligence Agency. Central Intelligence Agency.