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1. Americae

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1739. Giustiniani, Francisco. [Francisco Giustiniani]. California shown as an island with indented northern coast and many place names. Title cartouche consists of small scroll ... J. Certa].


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1739. Buffier, Claude, 1661-1737. In French. “Pag. 7.” (top right); island of California unlabeled; Continents labeled as well as the I. Salomon, I. de Feu, N Zelande, and Diemens. ...

5. Mare Balticum

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1739. Renard, Louis, approximately 1678-. Relief shown pictorially. Decorative cartouche (with figures), compass roses, rhumb lines, ships. Shows water depths, shoals, rocks, anchorages, po... Apud L. Renard,c[1739].

8. [World]

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1739. Peeters, Jacques, 1637-1695. [1709], with attribution: P.I. Peeters. Issued in El atlas abreviado ... 3. ed. / F. de Afferden. -- Amberes [Antwerp] : H. & C. Verdussen, 170...

10. AMERICA oder Neu Europa

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1738. Müller, Johann Bernhard. G [1720/1738] .M83 (book) California as a long, narrow island with indented northern coast. Land to northwest is labelled "Terra Borealis incognita...

11. Astronomische hemel spiegel

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1738. Panser, Symon J, 1696-1754 and R. & J. Ottens. gedrukt 't Amsterdam by Reiner & Josua Ottens en te bekomen te Emden by den aucteur voorn. Relief shown pictorially. California shown as a larg... R. & J. Ottens.
1738. Homann, Johann Baptist, 1663-1724 and Doppelmayr, Johann Gabriel, 1677-1750. A Iohanne Gabriele Doppelmaiero Math. PP. opera Ioh. Bapt. Homanni S.C.M. Geogr. California shown as an unlabeled island with no place names. The i... Johann Baptist Homann.

14. Typus orbis terrarum

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1738. Launay, Charles Louis de, active 1738-1740. [Charles Louis de Launay]. California as an island with a narrowing, irregular northern coast. Allegorical figures in the corners represent fire, a... s.n.
1737. Hase, Johann Matthias, 1684-1742. Colored The title consists of a panel surrounded by elephant's tusks resting on a piece of masonry. On the left are four Africans and on th...
1737. Hase, Johann Matthias, 1684-1742 and Homann Erben (Firm). exhibita a Ioh. Matthia Hasio ... impensis Homanniorum Heredum. Relief shown pictorially. "Cum privil. S.C.M. nec non S.R.M. Polon et Elect. Sax. A... In officina Homanniana.

20. Dominia Anglorum in America Septentrionali

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1737. Homann Erben (Firm). Relief shown pictorially. Derived from map by H. Moll. Originally issued on sheet with title: Die Gros-Britannische Colonie-Lænder in Nord-America,... [Nuremburg : Homaenischen Erben, 1737].