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1785. Price, C. (Charles), active 1680-1720, Marshall, Richard, printer, and Godson, W. (William). [ca. 1710?] with imprint of Chareles Price. [ca. 1710?] with imprint “Sold By George Willdey at ye Great Toy & Print Shop ye corner of Ludgate ...

8. Terra di Canaan ov Terra Promessa ad Abramo, e a suoi posteri

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1785. Zatta, Antonio, active 1757-1797. presso Antonio Zatta, con privlegio dell'Eccmo Senato. Relief shown pictorially. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Coordinates approximate and ba... Antonio Zatta,.

11. A new & complete Mercator chart of the world

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1784. Bowen, Thomas, fl. 1749-1790. Chart showing political boundaries and rivers. Prime meridian: Ferro. Attributed to Thomas Bowen. cf. Tooley's dictionary of mapmakers. London : Published by Alexr. Hogg ... , [1784?].


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1784. Probst, Johann Michael, d. 1809. California with nearly flat northern coast and many coastal place names. TERRA ESONIS INCOGNITA and Fretum Anian to northwest, and Paye de Moozemle...

13. Chart of the Society Isles discovered by Captn. Cook, 1769

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1784. Relief shown by hachures and soundings. Map shows the Leeward Islands situated in the western portion of the Society Islands, located northwest of ... London : Published by Alexr. Hogg at the Kings Arms, no. 16 Paternoster Row, [1784].

14. Charte über die XIII Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America

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1784. Güssefeld, F. L. (Franz Ludwig), 1744-1807. Title in margin: Les XIII Etats unis de l'Amerique septentrionale, d'apres les meilleures & speciales cartes angloises qui ont parues jusqu'ici par... [Norimbergæ] 1784.

16. L' Afrique divisée en ses principaux Etats

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1784. Janvier, Jean, Remondini, Giuseppe A., and Santini, Francesco. Par le Sr. Janvier Géographe. Titelkartusche oben links. - Nullmeridian: Ferro. - Mit 2 Nebenkt.: Carte Particuliere Du Cap De Bonne Esperance et d... Par François Santini. [Erschienen:] Chez Mr. Remondini.
1784. Homann Erben (Firm). Im Verlag des Homannischen Erben zu Nürnberg Ao. 1784 ; Mit Kayserlichem Allergnäd Privilegio. California is an unsual shape, almost forming an isl... Homannischen Erben.
1784. Miller, Gerard Fridrikh, 1705-1783. Relief shown pictorially, and with form lines on coasts. "P.I. no. 53 lllme." Shows routes of Captains Bering and "Tschirikow" through Siberia and ... A St. Petersbourg : A l'Academie Imperiale des Sciences, 1784.

21. Nouvelle mappe monde dedièe au progrès de nos connoissances

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1784. Santini, Franc̦ois. Date of publication from Tooley. Double hemispherical world map showing the unmapped east coast of Australia. Relief shown pictorially. Map is fram... A Venise : par Franc̦ois Santini ... ; chez Mr. Remondini, ca. 1784.