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1712. Moll, Herman, d. 1732. Relief shown pictorially. Dedication: To His Grace John Duke of Marleborough, Prince of Mindelheim &c. this map of Germany &c. is most humbly dedic... [London] : Printed for H. Moll between Temple Bar & St. Clements Church in ye Strand, I. Bowles Print and Map Seller over aginst Stocks Market and by P. Overton Mapp & Print seller near St. Dunstans Church in Fleet Street, and T. Bowles Print & Mapp seller next to ye Chapter house in St. Pauls Church yard, 1712.

4. Africa

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1713. Lasor a Varea, Alphonsi. Extracted from Universus terrarum orbis scriptorum calamo delineatus; studio et labore Alphonsi Lasor a Varea. Padua, [1713], [page] 21. [Publisher not identified].

5. Africa

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1712. Moll, Herman. By Herman Moll Geographer. Titelkartusche oben rechts.


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1713. Moll, Herman -1732. Reissued in: Atlas manuale ... [Map 35]/by Herman Moll. -- London : Printed for T. Childe and F. Churchil in Pater-Noster-Row in St. Paul's Church-...

7. Bæticæ partis Iberion descriptio

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1712. Bochart, Samuel, 1599-1667. Relief shown pictorially. From: Samuelis Bocharti Opera omnia hoc est Phaleg, Chanaan, et Hierozoicon ... Editio quarta. Lugduni Batavorum : Apud C... [Lugduni Batavorum : apud C. Boutensteyn & S. Luchtmans ... , 1712].
1713. Aa, Pieter van der, 1659-1733. Bottom left, illustrations of natives and of various animals. Page 49 de l'atlas : Le nouveau théâtre du monde ou la géographie royale. 1713. Pierre Vander Aa.