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2. A map of the Gold Coast, from Issini to Alampi

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1729. Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782 and Child, G. by M. d'Anville ; G. Child sculpt. Relief shown pictorially. Includes a decorative strapwork title cartouche and one compass rose. Upper left: "Adv...

3. A map of the world corrected by ye latest observations

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1720. Gwin, James, 1700-1769. I. Gwim Scul.. Relief shown pictorially. California shown as a labeled island with a slightly indented northern coast. Includes one large lake next... I. Gwim Scul.

4. A New map of Africa from the lateſt Obſervations

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1721. Senex, John, -1740. Outline color The cartouche includes a shield, which is surrounded by a dragon, two pyramids, two male figures, a lion and a snake. Dedicat...