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1701. L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. Relief shown pictorially. "Avec privilege du Roy pour 20 ans, 1701." Ornamental cartouche by "Car. Simonneau inv. et sculp." Faint image of illegib... A Paris : Chez l'Auteur sur le Quai d'Horloge, 1701.

13. Scythia et Serica

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1701. Cellarius, Christoph, 1638-1707. Region between the Caspian and the Sea of China, much of which is deemed Terra Incognita in the north and east. Showing stylized mountain ranges an... [Christopherus Cellarius],.

14. Spain and Portugal

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1701. Moll, Herman, -1732. Relief shown pictorially. At head of page: Spain. By Rob. Falconer; p. 303-304. Text on recto and verso. From: A system of geography ... / by Herma... [London : Timothy Childe, 1701].