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12. 2011 Waterfront Access Plan in New York City

Polygon New York University Public content
2011. This polygon shapefile layer represents all existing Waterfont Access Plan areas in NYC. A Waterfront Access Plan is a detailed framework set forth... New York (City). Department of City Planning.

14. 2012-2020 Election Data (with 2011 Wards), Wisconsin 2011

Polygon University of Wisconsin Public content
2011. Wisconsin Legislative Technology Services Bureau. This data layer represents various election results for 2012-2020 in Wisconsin, mapped with 2011 ward boundaries. Curently, the election results ra...

15. Active Parcels San Mateo County 2011

Polygon University of California, Berkeley Public content
2011. San Mateo County. Parcels in San Mateo County, California. San Mateo County (Calif.). County Of San Mateo.

17. Ada County, Idaho roads, 2011

Line Princeton University Restricted content
2011. Boundary Solutions, Inc. Roads and highways in Ada County, Idaho, 2011.