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2032. 20-Meter Hillshade Bathymetric Grid: Monterey Bay, California, 1997

Raster Stanford University Restricted content
1997. Hatcher, Gerry. This raster dataset is a 20-meter resolution grid containing shaded surface relief (hillshade) bathymetry data for Monterey Bay, California. These ... Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

2034. 2-Foot Contours, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, 2001

Line Stanford University Public content
2001. Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (Agency). This shapefile shows topographic contour lines of the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (JRBP) at 2 foot intervals. This layer is part of a collecti... Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (Agency).

2040. 2-Meter Bathymetric Slope Grid: Asilomar, California, 2008

Raster Stanford University Restricted content
2008. Seafloor Mapping Lab. This raster dataset is a 2-meter grid representing the slope of the bathymetry for the offshore section of Asilomar located in Monterey Bay, Califo... Seafloor Mapping Lab.