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2051. Vndecima Asiae tabula

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1513. Ptolemy, active 2nd century, Schott, Johann, 1477-1548, Essler, Jacob, and Übelin, Georg, active 15th century-16th century. Relief shown pictorially. Semi-trapezoidal. Geographical numbers, climate demarcations, and linear parallels indicated along margins. Title at top.... Johannes Schott,.

2052. World map

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1504. Reisch, Gregor, -1525. Appeared in Gregor Reisch, Margarita philosophica nova. Strassburg : Johann Grüninger, 1504, and later eds. of 1508, 1512, 1513 and 1515. Includes... [Strassburg : Johann Grüninger, 1504].