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2061. Indicum Pelagus

Image Stanford University Public content
1650. Relief shown pictorially. Title at bottom. Compass rose. Shows topography, waterways. Pictorial vignette of “The Arck,” and routes "The passage of ... publisher not identified,.

2063. Ins. Ceilan quae incolis Tenarisin dicitur

Image Stanford University Public content
1639. Vilavicencio, Cypriano Sanches, Plancius, Petrus, 1552-1622, Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664, and Hondius, Hendrik, 1597-1651. Ceilan hujus insulae descriptionem a Cypriano Sanchez cosmographo Hispano delineatam, huic nostro operi inserendam, dedit Clarissimus vir Petrus Pl... Jan Jansson.

2065. Insulæ Canariæ alias Fortunatæ dictæ

Image Stanford University Public content
1670. Ogilby, John, 1600-1676. Covers the Canary Islands and Madeira Islands. Relief shown pictorially. Latitudinal lines. Imprint taken from atlas. Decorative cartouches (with P... Printed by T. Johnson for the author.

2067. Insul Rhodus

Image Princeton University Public content
1732. Myller, Angelicus Maria. Relief shown pictorially. In upper right-hand corner: Pag. 57. Probably issued in: Peregrinus in Jerusalem ... Prag, 1732. [Prague? : s.n., 1732?].

2069. Insula Candia : ejusque fortificatio

Image Princeton University Public content
1680. Wit, Frederik de. Relief shown pictorially. Includes insets: Canea -- Spina Longa -- Retimo -- Thine -- Suda -- Candia. From: Atlas sive descriptio terrarum orbis ..... [Amsterdam] : Gedruckt tot Amsterdam by Frederick de Wit inde Kalverstraet inde Witte Paskaert, [ca.1680].

2070. ["Insula Kildyn" and "Cola"]

Image Stanford University Public content
1613. Veer, Gerrit de, Bry, Theodor de, 1528-1598, Bry, Johann Theodor de, 1561-1623?, and Barentsz, Willem, approximately 1550-1597. Relief shown pictorially. Compass rose, rhumb lines, pictorial vignettes of figures, bird's eye view of village, ship, boats. Shows Kola River. Ind... publisher not identified,.