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2071. Insula Malta accuratissime delineata, urbibus et fortalitiis

Image Stanford University Public content
1689. Wit, Frederick De art, print and map seller, publisher and engraver., 1629-1706 and Douillier, J, d.1838. expressa Frederico de Wit. Relief shown pictorially. Inset with a plan of Valetta to the lower right with a title cartouche above embellished with ... Frederick de Wit.

2072. Insula Selan vulgo Ceylon Indis

Image Princeton University Public content
1700. Map of Sri Lanka; relief shown pictorially and by soundings. In upper left margin: Pag. 86, pars 3a. [S.l. : s.n., ca. 1700].

2073. Insulae Balearides et Pytivsae

Image University of Michigan Public content
1600. Hamersveldt, Everard Symonsz, 1591-1653, engraver., Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664. Appendix Atlas., and Vignaud, Henry, 1830-1922, former owner. 1 map ; 38 x 48 cm.|Relief shown pictorially.|Includes coats of arms and illustrations of ships and sea monsters in the ocean.|This state was publi...

2076. [Insulae] Rio Iavero

Image Stanford University Public content
1602. Bry, Theodor de, 1528-1598, Bry, Johann Israel de, -1611, and Bry, Johann Theodor de, 1561-1623. Relief shown pictorially. Bird's eye view of Rio de Janeiro. Compass rose, Portuguese fort, figures, vegetation, ships and boats. Descriptive text.... [Theodore de Bry].

2077. Insularum Maltaeæ et Gozaeæ

Image Stanford University Public content
1724. Homann, Johann Baptist, 1663-1724 and Douillier, J, d. 1838. à Ioh. Baptista Homann. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Decorative cartouches. Mason and Willis ... Johann Baptist Homann.

2078. Intervalla locorvm Palaestinae digesta per miliaria romana

Image Stanford University Public content
1714. Goeree, Jan, 1670-1731, Reelant, Adriaan, 1676-1718, and Broedelet, Willem, active 1692-1719. J. Goeree in. et fec. Relief shown pictorially. Longitudinal lines. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Bar scale on map given... [Willem Broedelet],.