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2151. Wales constituencies, 1832-1862

Polygon Princeton University Restricted content
1832. GBHGIS, University of Portsmouth, Research Project. These are digital boundaries for the system of Constituencies which were and are the units from which Members of Parliament are elected, and which ...

2152. Western Africa

Image Stanford University Public content
1833. Bacon, .̤., Perkins, .̤., Starling, Thomas, and Bull. By Thomas Starling. Bull.

2153. Worcester, Massachusetts, 1833 (Raster Image)

Raster Harvard University Public content
1833. Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library and Stebbins, Heman, 1791-1838. This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the historic paper map entitled: A map of Worcester, by H. Stebbins. It was published by C. Harris in... Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library.