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21. Costa Rica 1:10,000. Ciudad de San Jose

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1959. A scanned map object. San Jose, Costa Rica : Costa Rica. Instituto Geografico de Costa Rica, 1959.

22. County Boundaries, China, 1959

Polygon University of California, Berkeley Restricted content
1959. All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd. This polygon dataset represents county boundaries in China from 1959. The attribute table includes the GB codes and names in Chinese and English (P... China Data Center, University of Michigan.

23. Delhi guide map. Surveyed 1955-56

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1959. Survey of India. "Refer to this map as: 1:20,000 Delhi guide map, first edition. Relief shown by 3 metres contour intervals (contours are approxima... [Dehra Dun] : Survey of India, 1959.
1959. Hutchison, Harold C.(Harold Christy), 1925-cartographer. Preliminary coal map no. 8--Margin.; Includes 2 geologic cross sections, location map, geologic column, index of mines, tables, and diagram of town... Indiana Dept. of Conservation, Geological Survey.

27. Family income, 1959

Indiana University Public content
1959. Kingsbury, Robert C. and Hollingsworth, John M. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 40. Scale approximately 1:2,000,000. Department of Geography, Indiana University.

28. Find your way in Paris

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1959. Editions Blondel La Rougery. Selected buildings shown pictorially. "Dépôt légal no. 1933-78040-06." Maps on verso: Paris métro et R.E.R. -- Paris autobus. Text, subway diag... Paris : Printemps, S.A. 1959.
1959. United States. Army Map Service, Harvard University. Center for Geographic Analysis., and East View Cartographic, Inc. This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the Army Map Service (AMS) Series P502, North Africa, 1:250,000 AMS Series sheet map entitled: Gafsa.... Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library.

30. Gaoxiong Xian tu

Image Stanford University Public content
1959. Taiwan Min zheng ting, Taiwan 民政廳, Lian qin ce liang xue xiao, and 聯勤測量學校. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Insets: Fengshan Zhen jie dao tu -- Wei zhi tu. LC copy mounted on cloth backing and stamped on lower le... Lian qin ce liang xue xiao.