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21. Airports, Macedonia, 2006

Point Stanford University Public content
2006. International Steering Committee for Global Mapping and Macedonia (Republic). Agency for Real Estate Cadastre. This point shapefile represents airports in Macedonia. The Global Map Macedonia was developed by SAGW as e CAD data in dgn format, and then adapted... International Steering Committee for Global Mapping.

22. Alameda County Roads 2006

Line University of California, Berkeley Public content
2006. MTC. Roads in Alameda County, California. California. Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

23. Albania Administrative Boundaries Level 1, 2006

Polygon Columbia University Restricted content
2006. ESRI. Albania Administrative Boundaries Level 1 is a polygon theme representing the boundaries for the first-level administrative units of Albania. ESRI.

30. Albania District Boundaries, 2005

Polygon Princeton University Restricted content
2006. GfK MACON. This map includes the district boundaries of Albania created by GfK MACON company, Germany. Gfk MACON Company.