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332. Turistskaia skhema Leningrad

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1975. Soviet Union. Glavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii pri Sovete Ministrov. Verso: index to places of special interest. Map no.: B-1834. Moskva : [s.n.], 1975.

333. United States Cancer Mortality 1970-1994

Polygon Columbia University Public content
1974. U.S. Geological Survey. This data set contains 1970-1994 cancer mortality information for counties in the United States. Included are death rates, number of deaths, confi... U.S. Geological Survey.

334. United States Faults, 1974

Line Columbia University Restricted content
1974. ArcAtlas: Our Earth (ESRI) and United States Geological Survey. United States faults is a line theme representing disjunctive dislocations, or breaks in the continuity of a geological formation throughout the Un...

335. U.S. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) [Illinois] Portion

Point University of Illinois Public content
1974. United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Illinois State Geological Survey. Point feature class of named places and features in Illinois. It includes place name, location, and general feature type. There are many general fe...

337. War of Independency : 1895 - 1898

Image Princeton University Public content
1975. Mon León, Manuel. "This map concern to the 'Brief Geographical Outline' prepared and published by ICGC to give greetings to the First Congress of PCC". Habana, Cuba : Cuban Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, 1975.

338. Wayne Township, New Jersey 1975

Rutgers University Public content
1975. Township map is divided into wards and election districts and includes full street directory. Legend indicates proposed interstate highways, street...

339. Weddell Sea: Antarctica

University of Minnesota Public content
1975. Projection: WGS72 Mercator Projection; Series: Defense Mapping Agency Nautical Charts. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

340. Zoning, Beverly, Massachusetts, ca. 1975 (Raster Image)

Raster Harvard University Public content
1975. Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library and Beverly. Dept. of Planning and Development. This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the historic paper map entitled: Zoning map of the city of Beverly, Mass. It was published by the Dep... Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library.