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1846. Rumsey, David, 1944-, Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, and Burroughs, H. N. This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of California, Texas, and Oregon, originally created by S. Mitchell and H. Burroughs in 1846. The orig... Cartography Associates.

33. A new map of the State of Illinois.

University of Illinois Public content
1850. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. Greenwich, Washington.;1 map, colored;37 x 30 cm.;ca. 1:1,800,000;Thomas Cowperthwait & Co., 1854. -- No. 32. Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. (Philadelphia), c1850.

37. A plan of the city of New York : reduced from an actual survey

Image Princeton University Public content
1850. Maerschalck, Francis W., -1776. Shows streets and public buildings. "1763." "Lith. of H.R. Robinson for D.T. Valentine's Manual." "Copy from an original map in the possession of J... [New York, N.Y. : Common Council, 1850] (N.Y. : H.R. Robinson).
1855. Montrésor, John, 1736-1799. Shows fortifications, buildings and fields. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Oriented with north to upper right corner. "Engrav... [New York, N.Y. : Common Council, 1855].

40. A plan of the north east environs of the city of New-York

Image Princeton University Public content
1859. Holland, Samuel, 1728-1801. Shows fortifications and buildings. Relief shown by hachures. "17th Sept. 1757." "Copied from the original manuscript in the State Library at Alban... [New York, N.Y. : Common Council, 1859].