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31. 1968 transportation master plan: State of New Jersey

Image Princeton University Public content
1968. New Jersey Department of Transportation. Division of Planning. Companion text: A master plan for transportation. Trenton, NJ: Division of Central S... [Trenton, NJ} : [s.n.], 1968.

34. 1975 general land use plan

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1975. Boston Redevelopment Authority. Shows residential, commercial, industrial, institutional/public areas, and public open spaces by color coding. [Boston] : Boston Redevelopment Authority, 1975.

35. 1975 highway map, Genesee County, Michigan

Michigan State University Public content
1975. Scale approximately 1:85,000; Includes indexes and distance chart. Board of County Road Commissioners of the County of Genesee (Mich.).