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31. [Europe as a woman].

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1550. Putsch, Johann. Map of Europe in the form of a woman, with her head facing Africa and labled as Hispania and the bottom of the woman's dress labled as Greece, Bulg...

32. Exactissima Flandriae descriptio

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1559. Zenoi, Domenico, active 1560-1580. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Key in lower right. Decorative cartouche, elaborate compass rose, shields (including Hapsburg), ships. Shows to... Dominicus Zenoi Venetus excudebat.

34. Figvra del mondo vniversale

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1550. Munster, Sebastian, 1489-1552 and Kandel, David, -1587. Appears in: Cosmographia (1550) Colored Latin edition of Munster's map. Round-shaped world map surrounded by the heads of wind gods, blowin...

35. Flandriae recens exactaq[ue] descriptio

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1555. Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. Relief shown pictorially. Based on Mercator's map of 1540. " Ex Pontificis Max. ac Veneti senatus in proximum decennium privilegio.". [Venice] : Michaelis Tramezini formis, 1555.

36. [France]

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1544. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552. Relief shown pictorially. Descriptive text. Shows topography, waterways. Appears in Munster’s Cosmographia universalis, German edition, published b... [publisher not identified,.

37. Gallia IIII nova tabula

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1540. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552. Map of France with relief shown pictorially. Latin text on verso with caption title: Gallia; p. 32. From: Geographia universalis, vetus et nova / c... [Basel : Heinrich Petri, 1540].

38. Gallia oder Franckrnch / die Landtafel des dritten bůchs

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1548. Stumpf, Johannes, 1500-1576? and Froschauer, Christoph, -1564. Iohannes Stumpf. Relief shown pictorially. Trapezoidal. North oriented toward bottom of sheet. Title at top. Decorative banner and cartouche, coats... Christoph Froschauer.

39. Galliae belgichae

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1558. Oriented with north at bottom. [s.n.].