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33. Pascaarte van't Zuijderdeel vande Belt

Image Stanford University Public content
1644. Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673. Scale in graph form. Miles shown in German, English, French and Spanish. Joan Blaeu.

35. Plan des forteresse [sic] de Vallete, bourg et sangle de Malte

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1645. Boullanger, Jean, 1606-1660. Jean Boulanger. Relief shown pictorially. Bird's eye view of the fortified city of Valetta, Malta, showing fortified walls topography and drainage.... Nicolas Berey.

39. Westmoria comitatus : Anglice Westmorland

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1645. Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673. Shows hundred boundaries, rivers, woods, parks and settlements ; coats of arms. Relief shown pictorially. French text on verso with caption title: ... [Amsterdam : J. Blaeu, 1645].