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42. Hispania III : nova tabula

Image Princeton University Public content
1545. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552. Map of the Iberian Peninsula; relief shown pictorially. Latin text on verso with caption title: Hispania; p. 31. From: Geographia uniuersalis, uetu... [Basileae : per Henrichum Petrum, 1545].

43. Holand

Image Princeton University Public content
1550. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552. Maps of the Netherlands; relief shown pictorially. Pages dccxliiij-dccxliiij from: Cosmographiae universalis lib. VI / Sebastian Münster. Basel : ... [Basel : Officin Henricpetrina, 1550].

45. [Holy Land map of Nile River Delta and surrounding areas]

Image Stanford University Public content
1552. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552 and Petri, Heinrich, 1508-1579. Relief shown pictorially. Imprint taken from atlas. Decorative cartouches containing descriptive text; "RND" above cartouche on right. Depicts part... publisher not identified.

47. Il vero disegno di Vicovaro

Image Stanford University Public content
1557. Re, Sebastiano di, active 1550-1560. Sebastianus f. Relief shown pictorially and by shading. Bird's eye view of Vicovaro. Shows siege of Vicobaro, with attacking artillery, armies, bui... [publisher not identified].