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42. Brookwood, Jackson Township, New Jersey 1962 section 3A

Rutgers University Public content
1962. Jackson Township Planning Board. Map of Brookwood, Section 3A, Jackson Township, Ocean County, N.J. along with inset map of township. Map features a table of curve data and officia...

44. Bruay-en-Artos (Pas-de-Calais).

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1963. Cybèle (Firm). With an index of points of interest. Paris : Cybèle, ca. 1963.

45. Budapest terkepe

Image Princeton University Public content
1963. Kartográfiai Vállalat. Includes insets of "Budapest közlekedési Föútvonalai", [Budapest main traffic roads] and of "Római-part" indexed. Map shows city boundaries, d... Budapest : Kartográfiai Vállatat, 1966.

48. Cape Colbeck to Cape Herlacher: Antarctica

University of Minnesota Public content
1962. Projection: WGS72 Mercator Projection; Series: Defense Mapping Agency Nautical Charts. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.