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1613. Linschoten, Jan Huygen van, 1563-1611, Doetecam, Jan van, Duetecum, Baptista, Gerritsz., Hessel, approximately 1581-1632, Bry, Johann Israel de, -1611, Bry, Johann Theodor de, 1561-1623, and Barentsz, Willem, approximately 1550-1597. Relief shown pictorially. Bar scale on map given in "Milliaria Germanica quorum". Imprint taken from atlas. Decorative cartouche, coats of arms, co... Theodore de Bry.

202. Vera Hierosolymae veteris imago

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1604. Villalpando, Juan Bautista. a Joanne Baptista Villalpando. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. 4 bar scales on map given in "Cub... [publisher not identified],.

203. Vniversale descrittione del mondo

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1601. Arnoldi, Arnoldo di, -1602. Arnodo di Arnoldi Fiamengo. Relief shown pictorially. Oval projection. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Title at top. Decorative border and cart... [publisher not identified],.

204. [world]

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1606. García de Céspedes, Andrés, d. 1611. Simple untitled world map consisting of twelve globe gores. California is not shown as an island, and the entire west coast of South America is rem...

205. Zelon

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1605. Relief shown pictorially. Shows Ceylon. Decorative cartouche (blank, except for date), compass rose, rhumb lines. Features topography, vegetation, ... publisher not identified],.