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41. Arctic Ice Chart, June 17, 1580

Line Stanford University Public content
1580. Arctic Climate System (ACSYS). This line shapefile contains ice observations in the Arctic region for June 17, 1580. This layer is part of the Arctic Climate System (ACSYS) Histo... Arctic Climate System (ACSYS).

43. Corsica

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1588. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552. Relief shown pictorially. At head of map: Von der Insel Corsica. Cap. lv. Title in upper margin: Von Italia. From: Cosmographey, oder, Beschreibung... [Basel : Sebastian Henricpetri, 1588].

45. Regenspurg

Image Princeton University Public content
1588. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552. Map of Regensburg; relief shown pictorially. Title in upper margin: Contrafehtung der Statt Regenspurg. Cap. ccclvv. [Basel : Sebastian Henricpetri, 1588].

47. Dimidia tribus Manasse

Image Stanford University Public content
1590. Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585. Christian van Adrichem. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Bar scale on map given in "Miliaria vniu... [Birckmann],.

48. Nova ac Verissima Totius Terrae Sanctae Descriptio

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1597. Zaltieri, Bolognino, active 1555-1576 and Rasciotti, Donati. Lower right corner "Venetiis Conati Rascicotti formis 1597." Bird's eye view of Holy Land, Jordan lined with trees, hills, miniature city views, co... Bolognini Zalterii aeneis formis.

49. Danorum Marca, uel Cimbricum, aut Daniae Regnum, multis sui partib

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1585. Jordan, Marcus, 1521-1595 and Rantzau, Henrik, 1526-1598. Relief shown pictorially. Decorative cartouches, including dedication (upper right), descriptive text (lower right), coat of arms, figures, globes,... Braun and Hogenberg].
1599. Rumsey, David, 1944-, Ptolemy, Claudius, and Ruscelli, Girolamo. This layer is a georeferenced image of an engraved map of New Spain from 1599. Showing the southern United States, including Texas and Florida and ... Cartography Associates.