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2701. Granata nova et California.

Image University of Michigan Public content
1597. Wytfliet, Corneille.,Bogard, Jean, -approximately 1634.,Dahl, James, former owner. Relief shown pictorially. North oriented to the left of the map. Shows drainage and settlements pictorially. 1 map; 22 x 27 cm This map is in the p...

2705. La saincte cité de Ierusalem iadiz metropolitaine du royaume des

Image Stanford University Public content
1550. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552 and Petri, Heinrich, 1508-1579. [S. Munster ; H. Petri].e Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Features illustrations of structures a...

2707. Persici sive Sophorum regni typus

Image Princeton University Public content
1580. Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. Relief shown pictorially. "Cum priuilegio." German text on verso with caption title: Das Königreich Persen, oder die Herrshafft des Sophi; p. 85. ...

2708. Presbiteri Iohannis, sive Abissinorvm Imperii Descriptio

Image Stanford University Public content
1573. Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. Map often referred to as the Prester John map, first issued in Additamentum. Dedicated to biblical David. An Arab dhow appears off the west...

2709. Prima Tavola

Image Stanford University Public content
1550. Ramusio, Giovanni Battista, 1485-1557 and Gastaldi, Giacomo, approximately 1500-approximately 1565. Copperplate. The original version of this map was executed as a woodcut in Delle Navigatione et Viaggi nel qual si contiene les descrittion...

2710. Primer mapa conocido de Espaéa

Penn State University Public content
1482. Ptolemy, active 2nd century. Spain--Maps--Early works to 1800--Facsimiles.

2712. Table d'Afriqve

Image Stanford University Public content
1575. Thevet, André, 1502-1590. Appears in: Cosmographie Universelle (1575) The sea is engraved in horizontal wavy lines which almost overpowers the outline of the contine...

2714. Taprobana

Image Stanford University Public content
1572. Relief shown pictorially.

2715. Tartariae sive magni chami regni typus.

University of Michigan Public content
1584. Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598.,Plantin, Christophe, approximately 1520-1589, printer.,Dahl, James, former owner. This is map no. 92 of the author's Theatrvm orbis terrarvm. Antwerpiae, 1584. Cf. U.S. Library of Congress. Division of Maps. A list of geographica...

2720. Utriusque hemispherii delineatio

Image University of Michigan Public content
1597. Wytfliet, Corneille. Relief shown pictorially. From: "Descriptionis Ptolemaicae Augmentum". 1 map; 2 hemispheres each 14 cm. diam., on sheet 30 x 38 cm. This map is in ...

2721. [World map]

Image Stanford University Public content
1552. López de Gómara, Francisco, 1511-1564. From: Hispania Victrix. Primera y segunda parte de la historia general de las Indias con todo el descubrimiento y cosas notables que han acaescido ...