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801. Settlement of Clarence. Fernando Po

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1800. Haghe, Louis, 1806-1885, Day & Haghe, and Smith, Elder, and Co. on stone by L. Haghe, from a sketch by Lieut. Jas. Barber R. N. Panoramic view. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Gree... Smith, Elder, and Co.,.

802. Siége de Charlestown

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1807. Buache, Jean-Nicolas, 1741-1825. Relief shown by hachures. "XIII." Taken from atlas accompanying the French translation of The life of Washington by John Marshall; maps by Jean-Nic... [Paris : Dentu, 1807].

803. Sierra Leone and the adjoining coasts :

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1800. Arrowsmith, John, 1790-1873 and Madden, Richard Robert, 1798-1886. The map was produced to accompany Richard Robert Madden's anti-slavery report published in: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Com... James & Luke J. Hansard Printer.

805. Sketch map of East Griqualand and Pondoland

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1800. De Smidt, Abraham, 1829-1908 and Cape of Good Hope (Colony). Surveyor General's Office. "East Griqualand, partially surveyed; Catberg District (now called Maclear), partially surveyed; Pondoland, unsurveyed". Lithographed by Saul Solomon & Co.

809. Sketch map of the Cango Cave

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1800. Luttman-Johnson, H. M. Legend at bottom. Publisher not identified.