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8251. Decks, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010 (pub. 2014)

Polygon Harvard University Public content
2010. Cambridge (Mass.). Geographic Information Systems. This layer contains polygon features representing decks in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010. City of Cambridge IT Department.

8256. Deer Management Units, Zones and Metro Subunits Wisconsin, 2014

Polygon University of Wisconsin Public content
2014. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Wisconsin DNR Deer Management Units and Metro sub-units separated by Zones. For more information, contact Erin Larson - Wisconsin DNR Bureau of Wil...

8259. Degree Attained, Honduras, 2013

Polygon Stanford University Restricted content
2013. East View Cartographic, Inc and Instituto Nacional de Estadística (Honduras). This polygon shapefile contains statistics on educational degree attainment. The census information was collected by the Instituto Nacional de Esta... East View Cartographic, Inc.