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962. Monroe Township, N. J. (bottom map)

Rutgers University Public content
1800. Map of Monroe Township, N.J., second half of a larger map, see Monroe township (top map) for the rest of the map.

963. Monroe Township, N.J, (top map)

Rutgers University Public content
1800. Top half of Monroe Township map that depicts local roads and churches. See Monroe Township map (bottom map) for the rest of the township.

966. Plan of Detroit.

University of Michigan Public content
1807. Woodward, Augustus B. (Augustus Brevoort), 1774-1827. Oriented with toward the upper right. Map is very similar to "Plan of Detroit" from "Vol. VI, P.L., No. 900", reproduced by Historic Urban Plans. M...

967. Plan of the City of New-York, 1817

Raster New York University Public content
1817. This georeferenced map is from the New York Public Library's map collection and is originally titled, "Plan of the city of New-York : the greater p...
1818. Martin, Amédée. Includes index of streets. 1 map: col.; 55 x 78 cm. folded to 16 x 10 cm. This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of this...

969. Seat of war in Canada.

Penn State University Public content
1812. Bouchette, Joseph, 1774-1841. Canada--Maps.

970. [Series of maps from Menke's Orbis antiqui descriptio]

Image Stanford University Public content
1800. Menke, Th. (Theodor), 1819-1892, Stülpnagel, F. von, Stier, C., and Justus Perthes (Firm : Gotha, Germany). [compiled by Th. Menke]. Relief shown by hachures. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Bar scales on map given in "Stadia", "S...