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1. Abissinorum sive Pretiosi Joannis imperiũ

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1606. Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594, Hondius, Jodocus, 1563-1612, and Hondius, Hendrik, 1587-1638. Gerhard Mercator. Found in Gerard Mercator. Atlas sive cosmographicæ meditationes. Amsterdam : Hendrik Hondius. Originally published by Jodocus Hon... Hendrik Hondius.

2. Africae descriptio

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1607. Hondius, Jodocus, 1563-1612. Probably extracted from the Atlas minor (Gerhard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius) Amsterodami: Iudoci Hondij. Arnhemi, 1607. [Publisher not identified].

3. Asiæ nova descriptio

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1606. Hondius, Jodocus, 1563-1612. Relief shown pictorially. From: Gerardi Mercatoris Atlas, sive, Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura. Amsterodami : Exc... [Amsterdam] : Excusum In ædibus auctoris, [1606].
1606. Waghenaer, Lucas Janszoon, 1534 or 1535-1606 and Claesz, Cornelis, approximately, 1546-1609. Benjamin Wright cælator. 2 bar scales on map, given in “Franche miilen” and “Duitzsche miile” (10 units [= 7.8 cm]). North oriented toward upper ri...

7. Comitatus Bercheriæ vulgo Barkshyre : qui olim sedes Atrebatum

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1607. Saxton, Christopher, 1542?-. Imprint derived from the atlas in which this state of the map was first issued. Differs from earlier state by the addition of a plate number, somet... [London : George Bishop and John Norton, ca. 1620].

8. Cyprus Ins

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1607. Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. Relief shown pictorially. Ancillary maps: Stalimini I. -- Chius Insul. -- Mitilene Ins. --- Negroponte In. -- Cerigo Insul. -- Rhodus Ins. Latin te... [Amsterdam : Joducus Hondius, 1607].

10. Descripcion del Reyno de Galizia

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1606. Vrients, Jan Baptista, 1552-1612 and Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. Relief shown pictorially. Bar scale on map given in "Escala de leguas Españolas"; 8 units [= 58 mm]. Publication location and date taken from atlas... Ioannes Baptista Vrints.