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1700. Valck, G. (Gerard), 1651 or 1652-1726. Double hemispheric world map, with inset maps of polar regions. "Sometime around 1700, Gerard established his globemaking workshop 'op den Dam in d... A Amsterdam : Chez Gerard Valck sur le Dam, [ca. 1700].
1700. Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667. Relief shown pictorially. Covers North America as far west as Mississippi River "Avec privilege de nos Seigneurs les Etats." Title in top right cor... A Amsterdam : Chez Pierre Mortier libraire, [1700].

9. Regna Congo et Angola

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1700. Schenk, Peter, 1660-1718 or 1719. Relief shown pictorially. Based upon the plates from Johannes Janssonius's Atlas novus, which Schenk and Valck acquired in 1694. cf. Tooley's dicti... Amstelodami : Veneunt apud Pet. Schenk et Ger. Valk, [1700?].