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1. 1860 Trenton Business Directory Map

Rutgers University Public content
1860. An 1860 color map of Trenton with a directory of businesses represented on the map as black blocks. A portion of the city below Lalor Street is mis...

3. Africa

Image Stanford University Public content
1860. Graf, Adolf, Dietrich, G., Haubold, G., and Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Thuringia, Germany). bearbeitet von Adolf Gräf ; Terrain v. G. Dietrich ; gest. v. G. Haubold. Relief shown by hachures. Shows routes of European explorers from 1831-18... Geographisches Institut.

4. Africa

Image Stanford University Public content
1860. Weller, Edward, -1884. drawn [and] engraved by Edw. Weller. Insets: Mauritius; Bourbon (Reunion); Natal. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Blackie & Son.

5. Africa

Image Stanford University Public content
1861. Johnston, Alexander Keith, 1804-1871, W. & A.K. Johnston Limited, and William Blackwood and Sons. by Keith Johnston, F.R.S.E. ; engraved & printed by W. & A.K. Johnston. Prime meridian: Greenwich. 300 miles to an in Relief shown by hachu... William Blackwood & Sons.

7. Afrique

Image Stanford University Public content
1861. Dufour, A.-H. (Auguste-Henri), 1798-1865. dressée par A.H.Dufour, Gaume Freres et J. Duprey, Editeurs ; le trait par Raynaud ; impie. de Louis Antoine ; la lettre par Lahanier et Lansraux. ... Gaume Freres et J. Duprey.

8. Ancient Palestine

Image Princeton University Public content
1860. Dripps, M. (Matthew). Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Includes 2 ancillary maps: Site of Jerusalem -- Suez Bay. Includes 17 photographic views of th... N.Y. : Published by M. Dripps, [186-?] (N.Y. : Ed. W. Welcke & Bro. Photo-Lithographers).

9. Asia Citerior

Image Princeton University Public content
1861. Kiepert, Heinrich, 1818-1899. Relief shown by hachures. At head of map: Atlas antiquus. Tab. III. Possibly issued in: Atlas antiquus. Berlin : D. Reimer, 1861. Berlin : D. Reimer, [1861?].
1860. Maerschalck, Francis W., -1776. Facsimile of ms. map. Covers the area later bounded by 42nd and 53rd Streets, 3rd Avenue and the East River, Manhattan, New York (N.Y.) Shows prope... [New York? : Common Council?, 1860?].