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1. [中国], [Zhongguo], Map Series Index

Polygon Harvard University Public content
1901. Harvard Map Collection and China. 參謀本部. 陸地測量總局. This polygon is an index to 1:100,000 scale maps of China, titled [中国], [Zhongguo]. This map series was originally produced by the China 參謀本部 陸地測量總... Harvard Map Collection.

6. 3rd Street to 2nd Street in Hoboken, N.J.

Rutgers University Public content
1900. Map depicts the properties of the Hoboken Land and Improvement Company, the Camden & Amboy R.R. Co., and the North German Lloyd S.S. Co., between 2...

8. A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai (Raster Image)

Raster Stanford University Public content
1900. Virtual Shanghai Project and Edward Stanford Ltd. This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of Shanghai that was published in 1900. It shows historical city data including roads and neighborhood... Virtual Shanghai Project.

10. Abidjan

Image Princeton University Public content
1900. Côte d'Ivoire. Service de l'habitat et de l'urbanisme. A scanned map object. [Abidjan] : République de la Côte d'Ivoire, Service de l'habitat et de l'urbanisme, 1900.